Kgosi Pilane AKA Coolshade 

Hello people out there I’m Kgosi Pilane AKA Coolshade

Im your average Gamer and I love telling stories I guess thats why Im here…….to tell stories about myself. Hope y’all enjoy

I will publish stories as soon as I can see people are intrested 


Coolshadé-Alternative Frenzy🌴

Yo Yo Yo everybody its Mr Coolshade here today and I got a brand new post for you but its actually a Lil rap I wrote today called Alternative Frenzy. What is it about exactly well I will tell you. Since Sunday I have been having heavy thoughts and its just weird that these thoughts come to my mind right after I talk to the girl I like. So its been bothering me because we do talk but I just feel there is no spark and I assume there is someone else keeping her happy but I dont have proof of that which bothers me more. So today I was just like lemme write a quick rap to get it off my chest you know. I completed it but I still feel it bothering me. Yeah so I’m gonna keep this short and I hope you guys have a wonderful day because thats all from Coolshade today. 

Peace out homies😐


Coolshadé-Miss Me?!😜

Yo Yo Yo Its yah old friend Coolshade here today from a very long vacation (Well away from WordPress) I can explain everything thou. Where do I Start?😕 Oh YES! So my exams started a couple weeks ago and its been really challenging yo, Now on the 26th of June I will be done(Which is Tomorrow because today is the 25th of June) And oh lord I feel a bit nervous. OK on to serious matters you wonder where I have been for the past month well I have been all goood but there was a lot going on in my life like my past haunting me,Gaming,school,writing raps and many More(Which I will write about soon on July). I know my WordPress page hasn’t been booming but imma fix that and I hope I have y’all support guys. I shall be making more post next week or so and I have a lot to write because so much has happened. Thats all from Mr Coolshade hope you guys have a wonderful month and plz support my WordPress page for more stories!😄
Peace out homies😃

Awesome, Shady

Coolshadé-She’s everywhere Part 2

Yo Yo Yo guys its yah boy Coolshade here with a really intresting story for y’all. So yes its Part 2 of she’s everywhere😧 and this is way different than Part 1(If you didnt see part 1 plz check it out). OK let’s get started with this Story, So last week Friday at school I was just here doing ma thing, talking with my bro’s you know just living the good life. So we were talking about gaming and other stuff at break and then all of a sudden some dude lit a firework and it made a huge bang which caught almost the whole schools attention but as usual we move on with our lives. While my bro’s were talking about it, a small group next to mine was busy talking about something that some how caught my attention, So I decided to listen a Lil more and I discovered they were talking about a girl. This put red flags all over my brain while I was trying to see who they were talking about and you wouldn’t believe who I saw………It was the girl I used to like!!!! So now I figured out that one of the guys in that group had some interest in her! At this point I was like pssshhh whateves😕. A couple minutes later I was a Lil crazy going around clucking like a Lil chicken😅(Yah I’m a bit funny) Till I saw the same guy having a conversation with one of my previous crushes friend and I this time I couldn’t hear what they say but for a split second I saw here point at me, Now I could have just assumed some other things but she was definitely pointing at my direction. Now I focus on other things for a while and I see the same boiiii talking to my previous crush and this time I felt angry and jealous at the same time( A very dangerous combination😓) Truth be told I wasn’t supposed to be like that because I’m getting over now so like why did I feel this way. Do I still like her?😮  What no! Like hell No but thats beside the point, So after the bell rang I didn’t feel angry anymore……,,I became seriously depressed like till yesterday. So a couple days have past since that Lil meltdown I didn’t see the guy speak to my previous crush in a while but it still doesn’t change anything for me because I was all still afraid to talk to her and stuff but no worries I’m at least a Lil calm now. OK back with other things so I know its been a while since I blogged but school work has been a bit hectic, also I never imagined writing a blog this long before but yeah this was one hell of a story and I already see a part 3 coming soon😓.  I guess thats all from Coolshade today, Thanks for the support guys and I promise to make a new post like this sometime but anyways have a great Week!!😉

Peace Out Homies😐💚

Awesome, Shady


Yo Yo Yo its yah boy Mr Coolshade here from a long week of school and other issues. So its been a while since I blogged and I was gonna do it last week but I wasn’t feeling it because I was busy with other stuff like gaming and planning mothers day(That went well😆). So now things have been very chilled lately and I’m less cloudy(Depressed) than Before. Yah boi has been really out of it last week like I was unbalanced. I have never felt so down that I could actually see cloud over me. But I learned that sometimes that you lose for a reason(I dont have the reason yet but I will soon understand). These days have been really fine now that I hang with a group of people who take my mind of my crush because we have some really crazy conversations😂. I actually didn’t want to do this but I just needed something to get me back on track for the blog, I wanted to say I will be making part 5 of 9AM In Reality but you guys are on Part2 of this series and I should really help you guys catch up but thats all from Coolshade toady hope you have a great day!!

Peace out Homies😅


Coolshadé-9AM In Reality Part 2

Yo Yo Yo Coolshade here with the post I promised! Hope y’all are happy and relaxed for this.  OK let’s get this going!!! So you remember 9AM In Reality part 1,if you dont please go check it out. So now part 2 is out for you my followers and readers. I really dont have much to say about this one because I think I wrote it without reason…. Wait now I remember,this when I gave up all hope in fixing my friendship with a certain some one because she made it difficult. I seriously was depressed that day and I just decided to write it down. This time around I was very sad and sour meaning I didn’t want to smile or feel any emotions because it was very pointless. I had so many regrets(well just one) but I would think about it every time. Yeah so thats part 2 of 9AM In Reality but I’m not like that anymore I managed to at least see the bright side of life now and its totally chilled. Part 3 will be released some time this week,thanks for reading thats all from Coolshade today have a great time.  😄

Peace out Homies


Coolshadé-A Couple Months Later……..

Yo guys Coolshade here from a long week of school and a brand new post. So recently I have been up all night thinking of lyrics and I had so many good rhymes but most them are targeted at the girl I like and I can confess my feelings to anyone except her because the last time I did I was so so so hurt. I know I only talk about her in most of my posts and I can’t guarantee this will be the last,In future a lot will happen. So yesterday I wrote a new Lil rap called A Couple Months Later and I think it was deep but it was also very great to type it out because I released how I feel well a Lil bit of it but non the less it was very slick and it sounds good when I rap it. Well enough of the new rap I got a couple things to announce first of all I’m sorry I haven’t made that blogger award stuff so I’m just gonna be honest with you right now. I ain’t gonna do it any time soon😅. Second thing is 9AM In Reality part 2 Im just gonna release it later on today. OK Thats all from Coolshade today hope you have a great day. 

Peace out homies😋


Coolshadé-Yeah I’m here 

Yo Yo Yo guys Coolshade here and I have returned from a Long  break. Sorry I just disappeared like that but like all human beings I had some issues. OK more like new chapters to the life of Coolshade(Me),but I’m back and better than before and I plan to make my blog page more well known meaning I have to be really dedicated to word press. OK that I aside so you wonder what I have been up to well I have been hanging with my bro and Cuz since it was the long holidays. We had tons of fun. The second thing well I have been contemplating about just cutting ties with my crush and I took the other decision which is CUTTING TIES. I remember that I owe you guys two post like the long over due Blogger award(Yeah thats gonna take a while) and 9 AM in Reality part 2 and you guys are far behind because I already released part 3&4……Yeah I have been slacking 😅. But no more shall I do that. Thats all from Coolshade here have a great 1st f May. 

Peace out homies😀


Coolshadé-Long time no see

Yo Yo Yo Coolshade here I know its been a while since I blogged about anything but school been keeping me busy and I didnt have data but I shall update you on my life. So I recently let go of my crush and hoped that things could be normal again. But I fortunetly I find myself with new chapters to the story of Coolshade(My life) its been pretty crazy yo! I have been investigating for days but information has gone flat. I know I owe most y’all the blogger award post but school work will be blocking that so yeah its gonna take some time! Anyways thats all from the Legendary Coolshade today. Great to be posting for you guys. Have a great weekend

Peace out Homies😄


Coolshadé-Blogger award(Demo)

Well hello everybody Coolshade here your favorite 15 year old star anyways I recently been nominated for a blogger award. I won’t say who nominated me because this is not the proper way to thank them. But anyways I like the fact that I got nominated and all but its also new to me-this blogger award stuff if some one could explain that would be really rad bro’s. I will do the proper thanking and nominating some time this week. I read the rules so I know what must be done. I’m just really glad I have been recognized for the posts I have been writing up lately. Thats all from Coolshade today have fantastic week. 

Peace out homies😋


Coolshadé-Terraria Swords Men 

Yo Yo Yo its yah boy Coolshade here with a very interesting story today. So recently I made a post about one of my favorite games Terraria. Did I ever mention what I want to achieve in Terraria. Well I currently have it on PlayStation 3,Android and PC and I have played on all of them. But I’m currently focusing on the PlayStation 3 edition because I want another Platinum Trophy. OK so in Terraria there is no story line or mission objectives which may confuse a lot of people who are to use to games like COD,GTA V basically games that tell you what you can and cannot do. Well Terraria you create the story or your own goals. Well here’s my goal in Terraria. Its to collect all the coolest swords and many other fantastic weapons in the game. On the Android version I had so much stuff basically I was GOD on Terraria but unfortunetly my tablet had to delete everything before I reached my goal. But anyways I just wanna get the best weapons in that game. Thats all from Coolshade today. Have a great day. 

Peace out homies.